The series


Totally Spies! recounts the adventures of three university students in Malibu who, following an incident in high school, became spies for WOOHP (World Organization Of Human Protection). In parallel with their daily lives, they must complete missions under the orders of Jerry, the middle aged man who founded and now directs WOOHP. Totally Spies! have many high-tech yet fashionable gadgets for each mission, combining business with pleasure.

The main characters


The Totally Spies !


The Totally Spies! team consists of three students: Sam (the redhead), Alex (the brunette), and Clover (the blond). They study at the renowned Malibu University (Mali-U). The three students are at the forefront of fashion, and their virtues make them very popular girls. But Sam, Alex and Clover are first and foremost shock spies, close combat specialists. To all meanies along their way: Watch out!







Clover is blond with blue eyes and she wears a red Spies suit. She's the most fashionable of the Spies, a true "fashion victim." Her dream: to become a movie star. To get there, she tries desperately to meet with Hollywood stars. Her quest for celebrity status makes her always want to increase her popularity rating. While she's a good actress she can manipulate a gadget as well as she can riposte. Clover is also looking for something else . . . boys!






Sam is a redhead with green eyes and she wears a green Spies suit. She's a model student, bright and at the cutting edge of science. Sam is also calm and composed. Her passions: travel and culture, as well as handsome cultured travelers! Though Sam's intellectual status makes her an excellent student, it doesn't prevent her from being very fashionable and popular.






Alex is a brunette with brown eyes and she wears a yellow Spies suite. She's the sportiest of the three Totally Spies! On missions, her super flexibility and endless energy shine through. She's a real martial arts champion. Alex is also THE perfect friend. Really gentle and open with others, she's always ready to console and support her friends, or have a blast with them!









The Totally Spies! have known the intolerable Mandy for a while. They went to the same high school and then to the same university. Mandy never misses an occasion to make fun of Clover, Sam, and Alex. She's become their number one enemy. The Spies despise her because she has all the flaws of a little proud and spoiled rich girl. Her main rival is Clover. They often confront each other on the fashion battlefield and they fight hard to become the most popular girl. This year at the university, Mandy's cousin Mindy, an annoying blond clone, has joined forces with her. Watch this space for some hair tearing!






The WOOHP is a spy agency serving all of humanity and recognized by every government. Its goal is to protect the world from the most dangerous and most eccentric criminals.






Jerry is the founder of and head of WOOHP. He's a middle aged English gentleman who really deserves his current position-he's a gifted gadget inventor and a very efficient martial artist.




The Groove



The Groove is THE shopping center, the place where the trendiest shops are located. This obviously makes it the favorite hunting ground for fashion of Totally Spies!




The gadgets




A gadget is always the fruit of the combination of two elements: high-tech James Bond technology along with the PERFECT look, often based on a useful object from the female toolbox (lipstick, fashion boots, a bracelet, an earring, a hairdryer, a nail file, etc.).





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