fond La météo du 27 janvier By "Parcels"
La météo du 27 janvier By "Parcels"

La météo du 27 janvier By "Parcels"

Hello everyone ! Here’s the weather forecast for tomorrow : In the morning, a disturbance cross the country from north to south. On the Atlantic cost, some rain and fog in the east. In the afternoon, the disturbed weather continues all over France with strong rains et some storms. For the morning temperatures, we reach -5 in the east, 5 in Tours and 10 in Nice In the afternoon, we move to 5 in the east, 11 in La Rochelle et the hottest, as usual, in Corsica with 16 degrees. But what’s 16 degrees compared with...the australians temperatures ! We take you to our home, in Byron Bay, which is popular for surfing and the Australia's most powerful lighthouse. It’s 29 degrees celsius ( 84,2 fahrenheit degrees) ! Good evening!
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Publiée le 27 janvier 2017 à 20:52
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